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Writing, Weddings and Wagging Tails


Writing updates first!

I just crossed 8000 words on the most recent short story for the magic-western series, and it’s shaping up really well. I think it’s almost finished. Just two more to go until the series will be finished! In first draft, at least.

On the revision side of things, I’ve hit a bit of a snag with my Arthurian project, but things are moving. Slowly, but they’re moving. The worksheets I’m working through are bulky, but I’m getting through them. I’m starting to get more and more ideas about how I want to fix the story, so I’m still excited about the project.

In life news…

My dad got married this weekend! (For those asking, yes, we kids love her and think she’s wonderful, even though it doesn’t really matter what we think of her.) It was a fantastic wedding, and a good party. The day started rainy and gray, but the rain cleared up just before the ceremony, and the sun came out just in time for everyone to move outside into the tent for the reception. I can’t remember the last time I saw my dad so happy.

And then today, at obedience class with the dogs, both my darling puppies were so, so good! We got to practice out-of-sight stays, and heeling, and TenSoon showed off how good he is at going to Place, and we did some recall. They always act like they worked so hard after we get home from class, napping like its their job.

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