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Writing Update!

The first short story in the magic-Western short story series is finished! It’s the prologue story that introduces the world, so the first draft is pretty rough and full of a lot of world-exploration and bumpy transitions, but that’s what revision is for! Seven short stories to go, and I started the second one today and I’m loving it so far.

I’ve done a lot of planning and building and research for this series, but even so I’m still learning so much about how things work even as I write these stories. That’s one of my favorite parts of writing! Even though I have a solid plan, I love that I can be flexible and explore as I add new words.

On the publishing front, The Murderwarden is ready. I love the new updates Atticus made to their formatting ability, and it let me fix a lot of things I didn’t like about the first versions. My lovely ARC readers helped me identify spellos and typos that I and my amazing beta readers missed the first seven dozen times we put our eyeballs on the manuscript, and I am so looking forward to seeing what they think of the story on Launch Day on June 1st.

Can’t wait to hear what you think, too, once you’ve read Anja and Faris’ story.

Watch this space for upcoming updates on the launch, and on the Lucky MacIntyre series!

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