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Writing and Life


Hello, all my lovely people! Life has been doing its very best to wreck everything lately, but I’ve been plugging away and making some progress.

First, it’s been far too long since I shared how darling and hilarious my dogs are.

Pictured on the left is Kibeth stalking the dumb rabbit that lives under the shed in our backyard. It let her get really, really close before it panicked and ran! It’s not a very bright bunny. You’d think after the entire summer of getting chased, it would move it’s den! Not to worry, though, Kibeth has never come close to catching it, and I don’t think she ever will, or I wouldn’t let her chase it.

On the right is a picture from “A Day in the Life of EJ’s Irish Wolfhounds”: TenSoon sniffing around in the yard and Kibeth doing some sunbathing. They’re certainly missing the nicer weather of the spring. This summer heat has been so muggy and humid!

Writing Update!

I’m doing pretty well on the first draft of the Lucky MacIntyre stories! The second story just crossed 6700 words, and things are going well (for me the writer, not so great for the characters in the story, haha!). I’ve upped my wordcount goals just a little for my daily goal, from 625 words to 700 words per day, so I can finish all the first drafts of all seven short stories before Christmas.

The goal is to finish the first drafts of these stories by Christmas, let them sit for a few months, and begin revision on them sometime late spring or early summer, with an eye on publishing perhaps in October 2024. I’ll have a better idea of a timeline for exactly when it’ll be published as I get towards the middle of revisions.

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