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Writing (and Life) Update!


Apologies for the long break! I’ve been hard at work writing and keeping up with life.

I’ve finished the first short story in the Lucky MacIntyre series, and moved into planning the structure I’ll need for the rest of the series. I’ll be starting the second story this week! I’m learning so much about the world and the characters as I write, and I can hardly wait to get them all done. I’m taking them through a class on how to write a series, and I’m making fantastic progress.

As for life stuff… my sweet Kibeth got spayed at the end of June. The surgery went really well, and she’s doing fantastic! But the last two weeks have been a whirlwind of trying to keep her calm, trying to keep TenSoon from bothering her, and convincing her to take her meds. Still, she’s been a little princess through it all.

The little princess herself.

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