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So recently I found a series of children’s books by a wonderful author, and had to give them a shoutout. They’re utterly adorable, and they’re about a little girl named Molly and her Irish Wolfhound Grainne.

The first two in the series are The Seven Foot Long Dog and Cowboy Tails. In The Seven Foot Long Dog, Molly adopts a young Irish Wolfhound named Grainne, and after some mishaps involving missing unicorns, stolen muffins, and falling out of a tree, Molly and Grainne form a tight bond and set out on a road trip with Molly’s parents for lots of adventures.

In Cowboy Tails, Molly and Grainne attend a rodeo, and a big BBQ in Texas, and then get a chance to visit a Renaissance Festival. Molly learns that she can depend on Grainne as a service dog, and Grainne decides that she loves dressing up and wearing costumes!

Highly recommend these, and I can hardly wait to read the rest. They’re on Kindle Unlimited for e-readers, and also in paperback and hardcover. If you’ve got a little pet-lover in your life, or are a fan of BIG dogs (Can you guess why I picked up this series? Ding! Some of each–my little niece is going to absolutely love these once she’s old enough to read them, and the fact that my favorite dog breed is featured front and center is a big plus.)

I mean, come on, why wouldn’t I want to read this series?

5/5, grabbing the next one right away!

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