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What Are You Reading?

Another novel I read while I was laid up sick with COVID was Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight. I’ve read a lot of Anne’s other Pern novels, but somehow in all my reading, I found I’ve missed a lot of the beginning ones somehow. Usually I’m a little obsessive about reading a series sequentially/chronologically, so how this one got away from me I haven’t a clue.

It’s very classic fantasy, which I love, although you do have to take it with a grain of salt–the women in Pern don’t always get a fair shake, but that doesn’t stop me from loving and enjoying these books. The Harper Hall Trilogy (Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, and Dragondrums) were my first real introduction to the fantasy genre, so Anne McCaffrey has a special place among my favorites list.

4/5. I have very fond memories of other books in this series, so while it’s not perfect, I’m glad I read it. It adds perspective to the rest of the series.

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