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What Are You Reading?


Long time, no see! Life’s been very hectic, and my anxiety has been very tough to deal with the last few weeks. But I’ve been reading more than ever, so I have a lot of books to share with y’all!

I’ve finished reading William W. Johnstone’s Pursuit of the Mountain Man and Cunning of the Mountain Man, both about his character Smoke Jensen, the best gunfighter in the West. Classic Western formula, a man with a gun has to figure out how to solve the problem at hand. In Pursuit of the Mountain Man, a pack of uppity European big-game hunters decide they want a challenge–and they decide it would be a wonderful thing to hunt to most notorious gunslinger they can find. Naturally, Smoke is disinclined to let them hunt him like an animal, and has to figure out how to ‘convince’ them to leave him alone.

In Cunning of the Mountain Man, Smoke wakes up in a jail cell and finds out he’s been framed for murdering a local rancher. With the help of two of his ranch hands, he escapes and sets out on a mission to clear his name and bring to justice the man who really killed that poor rancher.

3.5/5. Enjoyable, but slightly repetitive if you read a bunch all in a row.

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