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So… What Are You Reading?

I read a LOT while I was at the beach!

Since my last Reading update, I’ve got a lot to share, so I’ll spread it out over the next few posts so these things don’t get too crowded or too long. It’s also an eclectic list. There’s a little bit of a lot of stuff here.

Louis L’Amour’s Over On The Dry Side was first. Another classic Western that I haven’t read in a long time, feeding the Muse while we write our own (magical) Western series. A man and his son settle on a ranch and find themselves in the middle of a fights over a hidden treasure somewhere in the mountains nearby.

4.5/5, good, classic Western, but not my favorite of L’Amour’s.

After that, I ran across Ben. S Dobson’s The Flaw In All Magic, which is a particular genre that I adore: a fantasy detective. Magic, mystery, a clever plot twist, and engaging, fun characters. I really enjoyed this one! This was one instance where the FaceBook ad targeting worked perfectly–I’m probably something of an ideal reader for this series.

5/5, engaging and fun! Looking forward to grabbing the next in the series.

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