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Life and Rain


Well, we’re finally getting some rain here in the Valley, which is wonderful. We needed the rain so badly! It brought with it the lovely cooler fall temperatures, and the dogs and I have definitely been enjoying that. The mud, not as much, but I’ll take what I can get, haha!

On the writing front, I finished the next short story in the magic-Western series! That’s four out of seven planned stories now finished in first draft, and I’ve started the fifth one. I expect to be finished with the first drafts of all seven before Christmas, which will give me some time to let them rest for a bit before revising them.

My revision project has really been flying the last few weeks too, and I’m loving how it’s going. This is a draft I wrote for NaNoWriMo several years ago, and it ended up pretty much a mess, but it had enough spark to it that I decided I wanted to save it. I’m taking it through the same novel revision class I used to revise The Murderwarden, and I just finished Lesson 1! I’ve identified what’s broken, and what I love about it, so now we move onward to figuring out how to fix it and turn it into something to share with you all next year.


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