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It’s Here! The Murderwarden is out!

It’s here at last! The Murderwarden is available on Amazon and is part of Kindle Unlimited. The paperback edition will follow very soon if you prefer the look and feel of a real book in your hands.

If you like a determined heroine, a bit of magic and a tricky murder investigation, check out The Murderwarden today!

A murder investigation officer with magical hyperfocus must find a murderer before he finds her.

A professor hangs from the ceiling of his living room, his blood splattered everywhere. Murderwarden Anja Iseklae is confident she can solve his murder quickly, but every clue leads to another dead-end.

When an out-of-town Investigator on the trail of a similar murder shows up, everything she thought she knew about the killer turns upside down. In the middle of it all, Anja receives some devastating news about her family back home: her father is dying and would like to see her one last time.

With every lead in the case a dead-end and uneasy about returning home to her estranged family, Anja isn’t prepared for what she finds when she gets there.

If you enjoy books with a determined heroine, magic and maniacal murderers, grab your copy of The Murderwarden today!

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