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It’s coming, and soon!

Hey, everyone!

The Big Day is getting closer and closer! I’ve sent out ebook ARC copies (there’s still a few available, if you’re interested in reading it and leaving a review!) of The Murderwarden, and I’m working on getting the paperback set up so I can send physical ARC copies out also!

I’m in the middle of a final read through to catch little things I may have missed the first dozen or so times. With this being my first time publishing a novel, I’m nervous. Excited, too, but nervous.

I hope people love this story. I hope you love my story, and if you’re here on my website or reading on my page, then I hope you’re also into what I write: a little bit of everything with a backdrop of fantasy.

Murderwarden is a detective story, set in a world I built with my cousin, becca, one summer on vacation at the beach. Anja and her partner, Darran Faris, are some of the best on the force–the best, depending on who you ask. They enjoy the difficult cases, and there’s nothing better than putting a killer behind bars.

But this one? This case? This will be their most frustrating case yet. And I had a blast writing it for you. June 1st is coming very soon!

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