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About EJ

EJ Tedrow, who goes by Ellen in her everyday life, is a writer of fantasy fiction, with a bunch of other subgenres thrown in. She is an avid reader of everything, but especially enjoys fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, adventure novels, Westerns, and horse books.

She wrote her first story in 2003, after seeing the movie Treasure Planet over a dozen times, and then launched into another, and another, before tackling her first novel-length project in 2005. She has over a dozen “trunk novels” that she claims will never see the light of day again, although she thinks of them fondly, and sometimes reuses her favorite bits in her new stories.

She wrote the first draft of what would become her debut novel, The Murderwarden, during NaNoWriMo in 2010, and has overcome a great many personal struggles with both mental and physical health to finally get the story ready for sharing. EJ has many other novels and stories in the works, and she is confident that Murderwarden will be the first of many stories she’ll get to share with the world.

EJ lives in the USA on the East Coast with her husband, her horse, Country, and her two beautiful Irish Wolfhounds, TenSoon and Kibeth.