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A murder investigation officer with magical hyperfocus must find a murderer before he finds her.

A professor hangs from the ceiling of his living room, his blood splattered everywhere. Murderwarden Anja Iseklae is confident she can solve his murder quickly, but every clue leads to another dead-end.

When an out-of-town Investigator on the trail of a similar murder shows up, everything she thought she knew about the killer turns upside down. In the middle of it all, Anja receives some devastating news about her family back home: her father is dying and would like to see her again before he passes.

With every lead in the case a dead-end and uneasy about returning home to her estranged family, Anja isn’t prepared for what she finds when she gets there.

If you enjoy books with a determined heroine, magic and maniacal murderers, grab your copy of The Murderwarden today!

Grumpy Old Trickster Gods

Live on April 1st! (I swear it’s not a joke!) Check out this anthology if you love mythology and trickster gods!

What happens when trickster gods wane, retire, or just decide they need a change of employment? Trouble. Lots of trouble.

The Grumpy Old Gods are back in this fifth installment of mythical fun!

Thirteen writers took up the challenge with total irreverence, a great deal of wit, and, in some cases, more alcohol than was strictly necessary. This mythical author alchemy led to an anthology that is nearly-always amusing, somewhat insightful, and completely irreverent as we imagine the trickster gods of yore in retirement:

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The Lucky ManIntyre series

A Western story with a dash of magic! ETA 2024